How to get BBC News on smart speakers

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Instruction for smart speakers: Just say "Play BBC News" to any smart speaker.
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Just say "Play BBC News" to any smart speaker.

How to get BBC News on smart speakers

Having a smart speaker means you can get BBC News whenever you want by asking your device to: "Play BBC News".

The service works on:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant and
  • Apple Siri

The BBC does not charge you to access smart speaker content and offers its services without cost to all UK smart speaker platforms.

On Amazon Alexa:

If you are using Amazon Alexa then you'll have access to more features.

When you link your BBC account to the skill, you can get local news, sport, and weather as part of your news update. You'll then be able to jump back and forward through local news and weather when you say: "Alexa, next" or "Alexa, previous".

You'll also be able to pause and pick up where you left off when you say: "Alexa, pause" and "Alexa, resume".

Adding local news and weather to your Amazon Alexa bulletin:

You can add a roundup of the news, sport, and weather where you are, to your news bulletin by linking the BBC News skill to your BBC account.

You can set this up now by going to BBC News in the Amazon Skill store. Or you can listen out for the message inviting you to sign in at the start of the news update.

And to make sure you're hearing news from your chosen postcode area check your BBC account settings.

Local and national news services:

You can also access BBC local news directly from more than 40 stations across England, as well as the BBC's national services for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Find more information here.

Amazon Alexa Routines:

These are a collection of different tasks you can trigger by saying one word. For example, you could wake up at the same time each morning to the latest news bulletin, your local news and weather update or your favourite BBC radio station.

BBC news services can be added to any Amazon Alexa routine you choose to create.